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Why should I outsource my billing? 

There are MANY reasons to outsource your billing to a professional billing company. Here are a few:

1.No downtime due to illness, hiring or training.
2.Reduce your overhead.
3.No Medical, Dental or vacation benefits to pay.
4.No collections or patients billing inquiries.
5.Maximize reimbursement.
6.Minimize rejected claims and reduce error rates.
7.All payments are sent directly to the providers office.
8.Complete confidentiality and Security.
9.We keep your updated on important coding, HIPAA and other changes that affect your office.

How do we get our information to you? 

Information can be faxed to us or we can pick up if in the Richmond area. We recommend it be sent at least once a week or more depending on the volume of claims. Information can also be mailed. We will let you know what information we need to complete your claims successfully.  

How soon can we get started? 

We can get started immediately. It takes an average of 1 to 4 weeks to get setup depending on the circumstances surrounding your practice. We can give you a more specific time frame once we are able to analyze your office. In general it can take approximately 1-2 days to get setup electronically for commercial carriers and 1-2 weeks to get setup with Medicare. During this time all claims will be submitted on paper by our office.  

What are your fees? 

Fees are based on each individual practice. It depends on the size and specialty and the services you would like. This allows us to make our services affordable to all size practices and maintain our high standards of quality service. To receive a quote, please call us or fill out our request a quote form online. It will be sent to us immediately.

Where are my reimbursement checks sent? 

All payment checks continue to go directly to your office. You simply provide us with a copy of the insurance EOB or patient payments and we will post payments and follow-up on any denials or outstanding balances.

How often are patients billed? What are soft collections? 

Patients are billed on a monthly basis for any balance due after EOBs are received and insurance payments are applied. Patients will then receive past due notices after 30, 60 and 90 days. We refer to this as soft collections. If these attempts to collect fail, we recommend turning the account over to a collection agency. 

How do you handle clients not in your immediate area? 

We are able to handle clients from all over the country. Since most transactions are handled by fax, phone and mail, distance is not a factor. 

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